Improving mental well-being through sustainable Practices

Steve Bailey
4 min readFeb 4, 2023

Find balance, foster well-being with sustainable practices

Photo by David Levinson:

If I were to say that you can improve your mental well-being through actions that also benefit our planet, what would you think? I’m guessing most of you would welcome the opportunity as you were intrigued enough to search for it. Well, the good news is that you can and why would you not embrace the opportunity to play your part in a greater cause whilst improving your personal life.

If your initial reaction is apathy toward the statement then please hear me out, as pursuing greater mental well-being through sustainable actions is a positive outcome for the individual & our society. This is something that cannot be achieved in isolation.

“Like sustainability, wellbeing is a forever ongoing pursuit that involves support from friends and family, personal reflection, and care from your surrounding community.”

Shout Out UK (SOUK)

How can Sustainable Practices Help us Psychologically?

The pandemic was a difficult time for billions of people across our planet, unfortunately, a large number of people have been psychologically impacted by the measures and fallout of Covid-19. In fact, a scientific brief from the World Health